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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Yes, “A Venture” from The Yes Album (1971): YESterdays

One of the shortest tracks on The Yes Album, Jon Anderson’s “A Venture” likely would have been a popular favorite on most progressive rock albums of that era — yet it’s is often overlooked by fans and even the band. On one level, it’s easy to see why this is so, as “A Venture” follows the concert favorite “I’ve Seen All Good People.” But ultimately this track’s fate points to how strong all the compositions on The Yes Album are.

Unlike “Clap,” which was truly solo a composition from Steve Howe (and played only by Howe), Anderson’s song is arranged by the band — giving “A Venture” a musical heft which matches its narrative heft.

Lyrically, Jon Anderson is much more direct than with his other contributions elsewhere on The Yes Album. He crafted these lyrics with a punchy rhythmic cadence which belies their simplicity.

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