Lennon Ashton
Hi Jon! I have been a huge fan of your singing and I would like to know who your greatest influence was to become a singer. Was there a certain band and/or singer that truly influenced you! Yes was a true inspiration of mine to start a band! Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!
I’ve always been moved most by singers who possess the gift of conveying great emotion through their singing – singers like Bono, Bjork, Jeff Buckley, and Peter Gabriel, around the time he did ‘So’. Obviously Jon Anderson and the other members of YES have had a great impact on me. Keep it up with Youth Be Told. You’re making beautiful music and are going to do great things with your talent!
Rob Reilly
Hi Jon, Thank you very much for your excellent performances with Yes. I would really like for Yes, with you, to make a new album and release it. I feel that you have the heart and soul needed to create yet another fantastic Yes album. My question: what has been the most challenging for you since taking on the role of the lead singer/musician in Yes?” Sincerely, a true “Yesaholic”…that’s me! cheers
Thanks for the kind words, Rob. You are indeed FANtastic! The greatest challenge I’ve met with is keeping my voice in good form, which consists of several aspects. While off the road I continue to sing nearly every day to keep my voice conditioned. I exercise moderation when it comes to what I eat – most of the time avoiding sweets and dairy products. Beyond the obvious health benefits of physical exercise, it’s important for me because it helps give more stamina when moving about on stage for two plus hours. Last but not least, I regularly meditate to try and keep balanced on all levels.
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