Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Greetings to you all! Ken Worthington here, with a long over due bulletin on John Shuttleworth's forthcoming movements. Oo I say!!

Well, the tour - Out Of Our Sheds - is just about over but you can catch John in a couple of guest spots (York and London) at the shows of the legendary punky rocky poet, John Cooper Clarke. He used to promote Sugar Puffs, and as you know, John is a "Serial Cereal Eater", so the two of them should get along just fine. If you want to catch either of the shows, full details are to be found here

Remember disgraced multi media lecturer and rock musicologist, Brian Appleton? Well, I hear he's reinvented himself as a history scholar, and is gearing up to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August (8 shows only!) This is prior to a short UK tour this Autumn. The brand new show is called "Brian Appleton's History of the World in 3 Darts". For more info and details of how you can book tickets, go to or phone 0207 6196868

That's all for now, folks. Better go as John's popped round with a Lindsey De Paul audio cassette which we're going to sit and enjoy while I introduce him to the delights of the vegetable samosa. You see, I attended the wedding reception of Julie Satan's brother, Mark, at Lumley Castle (near Chester Le Street, just off the A1) yesterday, and was so perturbed by the dark castle walls (plus spooky flickering lights!) that I couldn't enjoy the buffet banquet, so the maitre d' (who was called Dee, amazingly!) suggested I pocket a bit of fayre to enjoy later, when I'd calmed down.

Anyhow, got to dash, speak soon. Tata for now, my lovelies!

Kenny x

Don't forget also - Beverley Folk Festival, June 22nd - - John is in the Comedy Club.

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