Friday, 30 March 2012


Martin Birke's ongoing international recording project Genre Peak is releasing a new album titled "Redux" (check the sounds here or after the jump). The album is released by UK label Gonzo Multi Media and will be in stores March 20th. This electronica album features new and remixed tracks from the band's current albums along with featured musicians and vocalists such as the late Mick Karn, singer Percy Howard (Bill Laswell), violinist Benito Cortez, Canadian singer Tara C. Taylor and several other noted players.

Birke is well known for scoring original music for "The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre", recording and touring internationally with Sandbox Trio, Casualty Park, Genre Peak and most recently with Percy Howard (Meridiem,Bill Laswell) in the duo Hardboiled Wonderland. Genre Peak has released 2 full-length albums "Ends of the Earth" (2006 in-code Music) and "Preternatural" (2008 in-code Music).

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  1. Genre Peak gives a big shout out to our engineer and co-producer Christopher Scott Cooper (of the band New Sun) for making our albums the best sounding records possible!


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