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Friday, 30 March 2012


FINALLY! After four horribly frustrating days, during which my broadband was so slow that it was practically moribund, I am back to something approaching functionality. So to celebrate this, we have launched our new YouTube Channel wchich - as of today - will bring you exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else on the net. It will also being you selected audio tracks, because although a picture apparently is worth 1,000 words, if - like me - you are a tired old music journo hack, it is sometimes worth just putting up a track to listen to rather than trying to describe the music in my inimitable deathless prose.

We have also made another technical breakthrough, and are now able to record telephone calls (or rather we will be when our new battery-operated hard disk recorder arrives next week. We brought a handy lead which plugs into the telephone line, but we couldn't get the damn thing to work. Eventually we found that for some reason which totally eludes us, it won't work if you are trying to record stuff on a device that is plugged into the mains, which as we were trying to record straight on to the office computer, was a bit of a pain. (If anyone can explain why and how this is the case in words of one syllable I would be very grateful).

The only technical problem left (apart from the fact that I have just broken my favourite microphone) is that there is a foreign body stuck behind my office PC. The foreign body in question

So - hopefully - belongs to an elderly, affectionate and ever-so-slightly stupid ginger cat called 'Spider'. But that is an ongoing problem with which I have to deal every day!

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