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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Back in 2005 or so then British Prime Minister, the universally appreciated and adored Tony Blair (what a nice man he was, golly) launched some sort of vote-winning exercise when he announced that any community in the UK who could get enough names on a petition could get broadband. Gosh, what a nice altruistic fellow he was.

The teensy weensy North Devon village of Woolfardisworthy from whence the Gonzo Daily editorial team conduct their world-beating activities (Graham, Corinna and I live in a tumbledown 200 year old cottage there) was one of the aforementioned communities. Unfortunately, as far as we can ascertain, no-one did much to upgrade the 1970s era telephone lines. (If we are impugning that nice Mr Blair here, we apologise, but we are sure that he will forgive us. Not only is he such a nice man, but we are sure that no-one ever criticises him) but as a result our broadband service is not as good as that in most of the rest of the United Kingdom.

Yesterday it didn't work at all for most of the time, and when it did it was (as we said yesterday) a three toed sloth with a depressive illness, or like a geriatric tortoise on tuinal. Therefore, there wasn't more than a skeletal series of posts on this esteemed blog. Sorry guys.

It seems that we are back on full strength today, but if the coverage is patchy ever again you know who to blame!

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