Wednesday, 21 March 2012

JUDGE SMITH: Popular in Belgium

There really is somethging magickal about Judge Smith's new album 'Orfeas'. I know that I keep banging on about it, but it really is one of the most magickal pieces of music that I have heard in a long time. Clearly othger people think so too, which is why I am reposting this Belgian review. I have not done any editing on it, because I think that correcting the odd grammatical error would take away some of the wide-eyed charm of the rveiew, which is obviously by someone who loves the record as much as I do...
Orfeas: A Story Song By Judge Smith 18/03/2012

Christopher John Judge Smith is an English composer and co-founder of the band Van der Graaf Generator. Initially he was successful under the name Chris Judge Smith, but ultimately he chose simply Judge Smith. He was the original drummer for Van der Graaf Generator, but when Guy Evans took the drumsticks in hand yet is limited to the vocal parts. After recording the first single "People You Were Going To" Smith decided to drop this project.

Along with saxophonist David Jackson, he formed the band Heebalob. But unfortunately this was also short-lived, zoadat Smith eventually chose solopad. Of the many songs in that period he overwhelming, there are few to excel on his solo debut "Demo Crazy" from 1991. This release was badly crushed in a limited edition and is now a real collectors item. Two years later 'Dome Of Discovery'. The strange thing behind this album is that Smith except the vocals also each note sampled sounds from real instruments arise. In 2000 he completed the double 'Curly's Airship, a project that dealt with the R101 airship disaster in 1930. Eight years we had to wait on 'Long-Range Audio Device'.

On May 9, 2011 appeared than this 'Orfeas', and this is Smith's third straight song story. It is actually an interpretation of the myhte of Orpheus, performed by seven separate ensembles. In addition to Judge Smith granted a lot of famous artists their cooperation. Or how about Gigi Cavalli Cocchi (drums), Dutchman René Commenée (percussion), John 'Fury' Ellis (guitar to include Peter Gabriel, The Stranglers), David Jackson (saxophone), Dorie Jackson (backing vocals), Lene Lovich (vocals), David Minnick (guitar), Ben Nation (cello), Ricardo Odriozola (violin) and Bert Mantilla (accordion). The song story is neatly divided into three acts. Together accounted for 34 tracks or 77 minutes and 42 seconds exactly. Smith eagerly makes use of wild contrasting music is a melting pot of Southern guitars, classical string orchestras, meditative trance sound and metal rock. Some describe it as ethereal pop, though I would seriously consider this term.

Judge Smith is a magical musician who's counting a coherent story. Philip Verhaeghe (3)

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