Sunday, 18 March 2012

JUDGE SMITH: Dutch Review

CHRIS JUDGE SMITH - Orfeas (2011)

Co-founder of Van der Graaf Generator ...

... made ten albums and now comes with 'Orfeas', a retelling in a modern style of the classic story of Orpheus, the mystical musician to the Land of the Dead travels in search of the lost Eurydice.

The legendary Chris Judge Smith is This "movie for your ears", as the accompanying letter states, including assisted by David Jackson, nice to him after his forced departure from VDGG again to hear, guitarist John Ellis (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Stranglers), drummer Gigi Cavaalli Cocchi (Moon Garden, Mangala Vallis) and Lena Lovich (the famous new wave singer).

Smith's love for a combination of song, spoken word and music is here performance exhibited in a 34-piece 'three act-song story'. So there you love but it appeals to me: strong musicianship, excellent production and great songs all take the strong and fairly strong musical interludes, a sort of mixture of death metal, trance, rock and classical music, I sometimes just to short. Smith is also a novelty which he, with a relatively unknown technique, recorded vocals into music and melody. I find it intriguing but it is hard to explain. Listening is the motto.

Orfeas is an excellent and successful attempt of Smith to this wonderful, classic story telling again, wrapped in a fine coat in which musical creativity and humor have found their place. The sleek layout and the book make it down. Harry 'JoJo' de Vries (what a week 11)

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