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Troy Donockley - Messages
Flutist and Uillean Pipes-performer Troy Donockley is the prog audience best known for its previous employer Iona, but the best man has also played in Mostly Autumn, Magenta, Clannad, The Enid, Midge Ure and recently even in Nightwish. In addition, he uses his spare time for the delivery of truly great solo albums. Of these, three from now - all masterpieces - and "Messages" is one of a collector with two new tracks.
For those familiar with Donockley's solo career, "Messages" a bit redundant.
Not for nothing but the subtitle reads "a collection of music 1998 - 2011" and as "crash course" should "Messages" is certainly his goal. In addition, the record two new tracks, which mainly Dunmail Rising an impressive number. Although we Progwereld averse to commerce is a good time to point out that "Messages" dirt cheap on Donockley's site is offered for a price at which it sends.
Anyway, the choice Donockley for this introduction is made, is exemplary. Especially "The Madness Of Crowds" comes with two long tracks as well. Thus, the succession by Barbara Dickson and Joanna Hogg sung Now, Voyager is a temporary peak. Very beautiful is the poem of Walt Whitman that line by line, twenty people will be nominated. Donockley not only the right choices, the sequence is exemplary. For people who are unfamiliar with Donockley's work (and there are enough), will be "Messages" should feel like a new CD, as well arranges the material successively.
Donockley Troy is best known for playing the Uillean Pipes, Irish bagpipes. Very official may call you that no bagpipes, because that name is destined for the Scottish bagpipes, you played with the mouth. Donockley will therefore not easily get short of breath because the Uillean Pipes play with your hands, where air is being pumped up with your elbows. Now this is a very nice Irish bagpipe, but often predominant instrument. Therefore it is more interesting to observe that Donockley in his career, the instrument gives a prominent place, but it also knows well dosed.
In the piece Sibelius Finlandia , but also in the new From Him Who Will Never Return , he gives his main instrument, the Uillean Pipes, all space. On the other side of the spectrum there are songs like the eleven minute Orkahaugr , where the instrument but sporadically. It is this variety and this dose causes Donockley not only important as a specialist in music, but also as a composer.
The collector is more than 70 minutes at the end many beautiful things. So sings Donockley with Joanna Hogg's stunning Pursuit Of Illusion , of the eponymous album from 2003. You must be of stone if you have no lump in your throat. For nearly ten minutes after Tunnels before you choose to get the debut of "The Unseen Stream" from 1998, of which especially the end piece is impressive.
"Messages" as an introduction makes especially clear how much the music of Troy Donockley is undervalued and ignored. This is your chance to catch up. For the rest we naturally yearn for a real new studio CD. Let's hope that "Messages" as the prelude for it.
Markwin Meeuws


  1. Markwin Meeuws review of Messages, although factual, is a bit hard to follow in places due to (I'm guessing here) the translation.

    Let me emphasize a point: The Unseen Stream, Troy's first release, is a must own. This predominantly instrumental epic composition defies description and must be heard to be understood - and heard at least twice to be believed. It is a masterpiece. Do not miss it.


  2. Wonderful write-up, I have got to get a copy of this for the station.


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