Saturday, 28 April 2012

CURVED AIR: Rejoice! Guess who have reformed..

It just shows you how out of touch I have been. Whereas once upon a time I used to visit the Metropolis quite regularly, I moved back to my childhood home in North Devon in 2005, and only leave when I have to. The only gig I have seen in London in years was Dr Strangely Strange about three years ago, and I have evidently got really out of touch with some of my favourite music, because it seems that Curved Air actually reformed four years ago, and there have even been new recording.

They are apparently playing Tavistock next weekend. Methinks that I feel an interview request coming on...

Check out the Gonzo artist page for the album

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  1. A non-rainy Tuesday evening in London,a rare thing these days, we headed to the Borderline in Soho. Lesley Madigan, got confirmation that yes she had a photopass and was also on the guestlist, I being a mere human, had to pay! So down the stairs we went, grabbed a spot in front of the stage and just as importantly, a beer. On came most of the band and suddenly 'Vivaldi' was the opening number to great applause. Soon after that, the lovely Sonja Kristina hit the stage and wow, she certainly hit it. From Marie Antionette, which made me want to start a revoultion, Melinda, which brought a tear to my eye, the rousing Everdance, hide and seek and many more classics, this was pure joy. Ofcourse the was back street luv, it was in soho afterall, however, the highlight, which turned into an earworm the next day, way 'it happened today'. See them, buy the new release 'live atmosphere', mine is signed, anybody want to touch me:-)


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