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Friday, 20 April 2012

LINK: Wally review

"Wally" is a rather nondescript name when you see it on an album cover. It could be a one man band project or the musical vanity plate for a band driven by the principal songwriter. In this case, Wally is a British progressive band that for nearly 40 years has been most active via the vinyl albums gathering dust in the collections of the music fans who once knew them.

Knowing the material's pedigree, you can certainly hear the vintage threads in the music they put down in the studio. But at the same time, it sounds remarkably current, when laid end to end with the progressive music that is still being made today. The Wally sound is an interesting hybrid that is both psychedelic and country-infused. Webber's songwriting for me, recalls some of the elements that I really love about Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits, both from a guitar and vocal standpoint.

"Thrill Is Gone" digs in for the kill a mere three tracks into the album, with some hefty guitar shredding and soloing throughout the track, which is a bluesy barn burner that comes a bit out of nowhere after the first couple of songs which are quite sedate by comparison.

"Giving," the album closer, features beautiful guest vocals from singer/songwriter Rob Reynolds and although I don't know the connection between Reynolds and the band, his guest appearance accentuates and elevates what is one of the finest moments on the album and a beautiful wrap to Montpellier.

This is Wally today. Released by Gonzo Multimedia, it's a very welcome rebirth of a band that might not have been known by many, but perhaps there will be many who will finally get the chance to rediscover them on their second time around.

Gonzo will also reissue the first two Wally albums shortly, expanded with bonus tracks. We'll be looking forward to it!

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