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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

JON ANDERSON/STEVE HOWE: A most peculiar cover version...

I have always been a big fan of Bob Dylan. I have also always been a big fan of Yes. But I never in a million worlds thought that I would hear this: two Yes stalwarts collaborating on a Bob Dylan cover version. But not just any old Bob Dylan cover version - the iconic song that His Bobness wrote to impress future wife Sara Lowndes. Much to my surprise their audacity pays off. This 12 minute version of 'Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands' is really good...

I was going to leave my writing here, but curiosity drove me on, and I found that - much to my embarrassment I had actually missed a whole Steve Howe album. 'Portraits of Bob Dylan' was recorded 13 years ago back in 1999, and includes loads of guest vocalists including the lovely Annie Haslam...

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