Friday, 27 April 2012

ERIC BURDON: When I was Young

Whilst on the subject of Eric Burdon, and if your answer to that is "I didn't know that we were on the subject of Eric Burdon", then you obviousky didn't read my ramblings yesterday on the subject, I came across this earlier.

It is a massively peculiar bit of film by Peter Whitehead, and not only is it massively peculiar, it is of one of my favourite songs of his, containing one of the best lyrics ever committed to vinyl:

"I met my first love at thirteen,
she was brown and I was pretty green".

If you can read that and not be impressed, then I despair of you. Check this out:

PS. Much to my great joy I have found that there are two other Eric Burdon DVDs out on Gonzo. I will be covering them in great detail very soon. In the meantime check out his Gonzo Artist Page.

Also check out All my Loving on DVD. You know it makes sense.

PPS. "Does this mean you will be posting random bits of footage and paens in praise of Eric Burdon, lots in the future?" I hear you ask. Quite probably! Wayhay!

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