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Monday, 23 April 2012

PETER HAMMILL: Interesting comment in 'Mojo' Magazine

Once upon a time I used to read the music press religiously, but now I only regularly read Mojo and The Word each month. In this month's issue of Mojo there is an interesting interview with Peter Hammill, in which he says:

Van Der Graaf Generator were not unique in being lumped into the prog basket whilst actually being something quite different. King Crimson also did complicated and long songs and are also tagged with prog. We technically came in as an Underground band with more affinities to the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Soft Machine - who evaded the prog tag largely by their introduction of fusion jazz at a cusp moment...

Interesting huh?

Particularly as Peter is a guest on Judge Smith's double CD Curly's Airships which I have been trying to get to listen to all week. However, being a double CD it needs a slice of time to be devoted to it when there aren't a long line of zoologists with interesting things in their hands tramping in and out of my demesne demanding cake and whisky!

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