Friday, 26 October 2012

LINK: Annie Haslam's Vocal Range

I love minutae, and I love the idea that someone has sat through all of Annie Haslam and Renaissance's albums making notes. Stuff like this makes me happy:

Voice type: Soprano
Vocal range: E3-C6

Significant high notes:
  • C6 ("Rockalise")
  • B5 ("Ave Maria""Still Life""Rockalise")
  • A5 ("Rajah Khan""Forever Bound""Sounds of the Sea""Turn of the Century")
  • G♯5 ("Song of Scheherazade")
  • G5 ("Things I Don't Understand", "Ashes Are Burning", "Rockalise", "Camera Camera""Dolphin's Prayer")
  • F♯5 ("Sounds of the Sea", "Mother Russia", "The Sisters""The Winter Tree""Can You Hear Me")
  • F5 ("A Song for All Seasons", "Ashes Are Burning")
  • E5 ("Carpet of the Sun", "You", "Remember")
  • E♭5 ("The Sisters", "Secret Mission", "Dolphin's Prayer", "Touching Once")
  • D5 ("Running Hard", "Northern Lights", "The Captive Heart", "Pearls of Wisdom", "Golden Key", "Trip to the Fair", "Can You Hear Me", "Rajah Khan", "Forever Bound", "Glitter and Dust", "Spare Some Love", "Bitter Sweet", "Bound for Infinity", "Going Home", "Paintings Last Forever", "Faeries")
  • C♯5 ("Kiev", "The Flood at Lyons", "Kalynda", "Hunioco", "Jekyll and Hyde", "Mother Russia", "The Day You Strayed", "It's All Over Now Baby Blue")

Significant low notes:
  • B♭3 ("Mother Russia", "Vultures Fly High", "Going Home", "A New Life")
  • A3 ("Sounds of the Sea", "Can You Hear Me", "Black Flame", "Trip to the Fair", "A Song for All Seasons", "Ocean Gypsy", "Kalynda", "In My Life", "Still Life", "I Think of You", "Nature Boy", "Wildest Dreams", "Blessing in Disguise", "Faeries")
  • G♯3 ("The Winter Tree", "Bound for Infinity", "Wishing on a Star")
  • G3 ("Running Hard", "Black Flame", "Golden Key", "Things I Don't Understand", "Faeries", "Glitter and Dust", "Bitter Sweet", "Paintings Last Forever", "Brazilian Skies" live, "It's All Over Now")
  • F♯3 ("Carpet of the Sun", "Midas Man", "Pearls of Wisdom")
  • F3 ("Let it Be Me")
  • E3 ("The Captive Heart", "Bitter Sweet", "Ripples", "Carpet of the Sun" live)

Great, poetic voice. I'm not really sure about where her full range ends because I'm not great with the female head voice business, but I put in my most valiant effort nonetheless.

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  1. She just has an effortless, wonderful voice as the medium for Betty Thatcher Newsinger's lyrics.


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