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This is the direct link to the review of ANT-BEE's album:

In the wake of the biggest "irregular" of the American musical scene, Todd Rundgren and the misunderstood genius R. Stevie Moore (Cuneiform began in 1984 with his own album), Billy James, aka Ant-Bee, is a musician-producer and biographer rock that is dedicated to Zappa verb and the libertarian spirit of Sixsties: within five years between the end of the eighties and the first half of the nineties has published a series of albums soon became objects of worship for the fans and for the remarkable creative talent and content and for the involvement in the study of some old components of the original Mothers Of Invention , especially in the third album "With My Favorite Mothers & Other Bizarre Muzik" of 1992, whose title is quite explicit! 

To achieve the latter "Electronic Church Muzik", Ant-Bee has made his fans wait for well over ten years from the release of the previous "Lunar Musik" job very surprising and highly lysergic where lived together as well as the old Mothers also some veterans of the old Alice Cooper band, Harvey Bainbridge of Hawkwind and also the always welcome pair Gilly Smith and Daevid Allen's part in "Electronic Church Muzik" then proceeds to the path already taken by "Lunar Musik", although as in all the work of Billy James the music guide us in the most unexpected directions, in fact this is perhaps less explicitly the disc Zappa's discography Ant-Bee and while not failing to use once again the valuable contribution of Mothers Don Preston and Bunk Gardner (songs like "Eye Of Agamoto" and "The Language Of The Body" are worthy of the best sound collages of the first Zappa), Ant-Bee now seems more focused to propose a strange hybrid-psychedelic avant-garde alternates a handful of songs acid- rock and highly effective "stoned" to some strange and intense experiments in musique concrete and electroacoustic, with some small raid on the borders of ambient, so it is particularly significant is the presence of the late Peter Banks (author of the dreamlike gem "Endless Journey"), Peter Frohmader and Artemiy Artemiev as well as the significant contribution of Jan Akkerman with folk visionary "Mannah". "Electronic Church Muzik" takes place, however, in the manner of the classic concept album, in its kaleidoscopic labyrinthine and the music flows quite well through the thread of a matrix of mainly Christian spirituality, the impression is that of a joyous ceremony freak ( "Dedicated To God") tinged with melancholy, which opens and closes symbolically with the whispers of the galactic Smith ...

Among the many curiosities of this album there are two excellent cover: Mass at the beginning of the CD are euphoric version of "Living" excerpt from the first album of Alice Cooper ("Pretties For You", when he was still under the 'wing of Zappa in 1969), coincidentally played along with former guitarist of Alice, Michael Bruce, and as the last piece is a faithful reproduction in perfect style Rundgren's "Do not You Ever Learn", sung by the Consistently great Napoleon Murphy Brock, here specifically joined by legendary keyboardist of the first Utopia, Moogy Klingman. There is only a little regret for the packaging of cd edited by Cal Schenkel, reproduction of the Bible on a thin cardboard ... but, given the substantial content, after all, are trifles ... If the name of Ant-Bee was there for some strange reason remained unknown, then I would say that it is now time to remedy!

Pure Electric Honey
SCD - £9.99

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