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Thursday, 27 June 2013

John Shuttleworth: Out of Our Sheds – The Oldham Coliseum

John Shuttleworth – a character created in 1986 by Graham Fellows (of Jilted John fame), gentle, early 50’s, old fashioned, a bit nerdy – famous for his brown leather coat, red polo neck, slicked back hair, glasses and banging on about the Dronfield bypass. And then of course there’s his Yamaha portable key board.
My memories of John Shuttleworth are of late night TV appearances in the 90’s, the Vic and Bob years. And who could forget the classic Pigeons in Flight and the bid for it to become our Eurovision entry?!
John’s gentle observational comedy is a trip into the thoughts we all have but never bother to voice. Every intricate detail of the mundane and the normal bought to life with side splitting aplomb! “Ooofff”
With just John and his organ on stage, he steered his audience through a mega mix of Shuttleworth classics:
He warned of the perils of the ‘buy one get one free’ offers with “Two margarines on the go – it’s a nightmare scenario.” Yes it is John – I’m married to a BOGOF addict. Just where am I supposed to store a bale of toilet rolls in a two bedroom terrace with limited storage?
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