Monday, 17 June 2013

Our dream gig with hero Giltrap

Musical performer Gordon Giltrap
Rock legend Gordon Giltrap plays a uniquely intimate show in a sleepy Lancashire village in just two weeks time – and it’s all thanks to the dream of a small group of local fans.
The genre crossing acoustic guitar hero will arrive to play a show in St Joseph’s Parish Hall, Hoghton, after a gang of former school friends decided to live out a childhood fantasy and book him for a show.
Giltrap, whose style encompasses folk, blues, folk rock, pop, classical and rock, began to learn the guitar aged 12.
Having never had any formal lessons, just a huge natural talent, he developed his own style and technique which helped to make his name when he began playing on the London folk scene, alongside the likes of Bert Jansch, John Renbourn and Mike Oldfield.
Aged 18, he signed to Transatlantic, at first as a folk artist. Then he turned more instrumental, releasing the album, Visionary, inspired by William Blake, in 1976. This record, his first big success, was when friends Francis Lawson and Brendan Cook became fans.
Francis says: “We had just left school, and one of the guys brings along this album by someone called Gordon Giltrap. He played it to all of us and it was instant.”
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