Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Remains of a white dwarf star or a star becomes a black hole? For the Swiss prog rock formation Zenit was unclear where they would evolve with 'The Chandrasekhar Limit' go - hence the title. The astronomical zenith may be different for each observer, but one thing is certain: this third album is the most ambitious of the Alps Band.
Founded in 1998 on the ashes of Clepsydra, Changes and Brainstorm, Zenit is a combination of progressive forces in the Alpine region with the most famous name of bassist Andy Thommen. The highest point of the prog heaven they might not reach, but with 'The Chandrasekhar Limit' is chosen for an original approach to the genre.
Take PiGreco which theatrical prog ingeniously merges with jazz and funk. Or Matrimandir with his conjuring, oriental melody formation (and snippets sung in Sanskrit), samba rhythms, seventies jazz rock and medieval folk rock Gryphon. It is a big step forward compared to the previous album 'Surrender' (2006) where the influences of Marillion and Supertramp still finger-runs.
In the sweet ballad Lady Cub and playful rocker Pulsar the quintet as credible miniaturists. sounds In contrast, the twenty-minute opus The Daydream Suite, which is the circle. Brought opener Awaken already a salute to the great Floyd with their own take of the instrumental section of Echoes , then sound 'Dark Side Of The Moon', 'The Wall' and 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' throughout this lengthy daydream. Although subtle, this is not working epigones. The vocals still does most reminiscent of Bernardo Lanzetti (PFM).
'The Chandrasekhar Limit' is made of very diverse influences, but has a remarkable homogeneous sound.However, the band had no preconceived purpose in writing this record. The only intention was to reconcile various moods and translate the game. Enjoyment to the listener There is one succeeded with brio.

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