Monday, 24 June 2013


Yet not long ago that a whole generation thought that music could change the world. And apotheosis of the whole rock culture was achieved in August 1969 with the completion, in New York, the famous Woodstock festival. Even taking into account that only a few months later, the Rolling Stones at Altamont Festival has been a failure, what is certain is that the movement never stopped and was followed by numerous attempts to imitate what had happened in Woodstock . One of the most successful of this first generation of European rock festivals was the Holland Pop Festival, held in August 1970 in Kralingse Bos, Rotterdam and would eventually become known as The Dutch Woodstock. Alignment were part of a set of names indeed important British rock and American, as T. Rex, The Byrds, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, and especially Pink Floyd.

The festival was recorded for the movie Stamping Ground where he depicted a still young Al Stewart with his Zero She Flies, the Jefferson Airplane with sensational medley White Rabbit / The Ballad of You and Me and Pooniel and of course Pink Floyd to make a monumental Saucerful Of Secrets. However, at the most a set of benefits was filmed without his having appeared in the film. In continuation of the work developed by Gonzo Multimedia offer authentic museum pieces, now appears in this edition double CD and a DVD that also permit access to another theme of Pink Floyd (Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun) and as some rarities T. Rex (Pavillions Of Sun), Dr. John (Mardi Gras Day), Family (Drowned In Wine) and The Byrds (Old Blue). Then there is the presence of lesser-known artists as The Flock or East Of Eden. The Dutch Woodstock recovers this whole essence of '60s rock and represents more than a carefully chosen set of rarities. This disc is an important part of music history and a significant socio-cultural importance.

The Dutch Woodstock 1970
2CD1DVD - £11.99

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