Friday, 28 June 2013

DUTCH REVIEW OF 'THE DUTCH WOODSTOCK' (does this make it Double Dutch?)

CD Genre
Group Various artists
Album The Dutch Woodstock
Label Gonzo Multimedia
Year 2013
    Various artists-In August 1970 held a festival in the Netherlands, the Stamping Ground Festival, which is also called the Dutch Woodstock. An outdoor festival, which certainly did not have the physical or media Woodstock dimensions but still a beautiful poster. hippie period in the middle of our elders and even some of our readers (not younger), were able to taste cost to the joys of festivals in the sun for some naked or almost inhaling illegal substances, dancing on the grass and listening during a beautiful plethora of artists more or less junky who performed on stage. I was not there, too young ... Too bad because the lake under the sun, full music ears, it should not be so bad. Gonzo Records had the good idea to edit in both CD and DVD this memorable festival where artists such as Pink Floyd, Canned Heat, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds have succeeded on stage. This is a live 1970, then inevitably sound, even after much work remains a bit noisy. Still need to hear that, even though some artists are completely gone, there are passages anthology of instrumentals that go into a spin, another short time we cared less probably where the scenic perfection The trip had its importance, even if sometimes it was a bad trip ... The double CD suffer as I said, a pretty average or poor sound on a beautiful facility, but the discovery or re discovery of some songs live is an inexhaustible source of happiness. Rub blues, folk, rock, psychedelic and out of all kinds unclassifiable. DVD pass him on a good way home cinema range and image, between concert and documentary gives an extraordinary insight into what was this festival. Between the concerts we are entitled to beautiful views of the public living his life, cultivating mushrooms, eating, smoking, making love, wandering in the nude, the musicians getting ready, talking heatedly with organizers, and the whole festival, probably saw a helicopter. We see of course the bands play, but it is almost trivial if we do not talk about the music itself. More than a concert, this double CD is a DVD documentary about a long gone era of music, the beginning progressive rock and major festivals. Not to be missed! Written by the Classico 04/06/2013 

    The Dutch Woodstock 1970
    2CD1DVD - £11.99

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