Thursday, 20 June 2013

Ask YES – Friday 14th June 2013 – Geoff Downes

John Wright
Have you heard from or worked with Trevor Horn lately?

I’ve worked with Trevor fairly extensively over the past few years, not just on Fly From Here, but also on some Buggles-related and The Producers shows and recordings. It’s always an inspiration to work with one of the world’s greatest record producers, and Trevor and myself have always seemed to have a great understanding and empathy together in the studio.
Michael Wright
Love you in Yes and Asia. Any chance of a Buggles reunion and some new music?

Thanks. Well you never know! Trevor’s a really busy guy most of the time with his wide variety of projects and productions, but I don’t think we’d ever discount the possibility. It’s always a challenge working on new stuff, and I’d love to collaborate with Trevor again. As you know, I’m pretty busy myself right now working on new material with both Yes and Asia, as well as several other projects. So yeah, it’s not impossibility, just a matter of making the planets align so that one day we can hopefully make it happen.
Robert Koehl
Since you previously worked with Al Pitrelli (musical director and lead guitarist of Trans Siberian Orchestra‘s West Coast touring band) on two Asia albums, any chance you’ll be one of the special guest stars during a future TSO Christmas tour?

Al’s a very tasteful all-round guitarist. Even though he can do all the ‘shredding’ bit with ease, he also manages to come up with melodic, hooky solos in that genre. Whilst I’ve not worked with him for some years, I don’t think it would be problem collaborating with him again. It would be fun to do, but hey, there are only 52 weeks in the year!
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