Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Rob Ayling writes: 

"Thom the World poet is an old mate of mine from way back in my history. Even pre-dating Voiceprint, when I was running "Otter Songs" and Tom's poetry tapes and guest appearances with Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Mother Gong are well known and highly regarded. It just felt right to include a daily poem from Thom on our Gonzo blog and when I approached him to do so, he replied with in seconds!!! Thom is a great talent and just wants to spread poetry, light and positive energy across the globe. If we at Gonzo can help him do that - why not? why not indeed!!" (The wondrous poetpic is by Jack McCabe, who I hope forgives me for scribbling all over it with Photoshop)


GOOGLE EARTH shows it best-from sky high looking down
at cuts in rock/ a stone within dry apple desert.Next to it,we shrink
90% beneath the soil,small brain protruding .Walk on it?Small brass signs
document heart attacks from those who stepped upon her face.She changes colors
constantly.Red orange gray-yet/this one day(it had not rained for a decade)
Clouds gathered and she turned deep black.Waters from rains cascaded down her face
I counted 13 waterfalls white necklaces fountaining off her rock crags
I could not move.Drenched,wet through-to finally see from where i stood
what the central myth of Rainbow Serpent really meant,Snakes live near water
Snake was water merging with her own.When i went home, i had lost everything.

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