Thursday, 20 June 2013


'Treasure' will quite probably feature in my Top 20 albums of the year – it is that good!
It is a rare occurrence to receive the promo of a new album in the morning, and have the opportunity of speaking, unplanned, with the artist concerned later the same day. Better known as a guitarist with Mostly Autumn, Liam Davison was attending the Best Of The Year awards show at the Classic Rock Society, and it was after the band had won the 'Best Band' and 'Best Album' categories (and several others individually or collectively) that I had the chance to speak with the slightly diffident subject of this review. "'Treasure' has been a long-time in coming" he confided, "and would not have happened but for the encouragement of various people and also Wymer Records".
They say we all have a book in us, but few actually write it. I guess that all musicians have a solo album in them but few actually craft one. In the case of Liam Davison, the crafting has been well worth the wait, for this is an absolute peach of an album, and one that has huge appeal well beyond the Mostly Autumn cognoscenti. Entirely written by the man himself (one song, the wonderful – 'Once In A Lifetime' is a co-write with Heather Findlay who is also the vocal soloist on the track), I was personally amazed by the talent revealed by a guy who totally shuns the limelight when playing with Mostly Autumn.

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