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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

THE RAZ BAND: Belgian Review


The Raz band releases a new album out and it's not just become a new musical outing. Michael Raz Rescigno, frontman of the band, has can count on the outstanding talents of none other than former Badfinger's Joey Molland and drummer Joe Vitale which is also reflected in the work of Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Stills & Nash but also once the Eagles called on his drumsticks.

The band hails from Madison Park, New Jersey and Raz is the ideal place to grow and to get in touch with the sound of New Jersey. The Raz band consists of Michael Raz Rescigno (guitar, vocals), Jeff "Hutch" Hutchinson (drums, vocals), Jim Manzo (bass, vocals) and then you can have as Joey Molland (guitar, vocals) and Joe Vitale (drums , keyboards) bijrekenen.
The Raz Band may nevertheless be proud that they were already several times to support of Badfinger, Iron Butterfly, Bill Ward, etc ...

How should their music. Punk goes pop direction with a pinch of Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival some herbs, so you can best describe their work. Yet I also discovered some influences from Boston.

With this new album the band Raz presents a nice slice of poppy, a little rock flavored songs. Exactly sixteen songs the band got to convince several critics of their talents. With "$ 1.50 For Your Love," which is still peppered with strong guitar sound, the men are targeting a hitnotering. Hopefully they get plenty of airplay. Very commercial song. 'The Road of Love "goes in the same direction. This number, when it is released as a single, high tops just might be able to score. 'Say Ya Love Me' is a more stately fashion number which has slightly less pace but still has a strong baseline. Strong guitar outing but what axeman was here on duty, I must remain responsible for all statements given outside the aforementioned line-up also Gary Duncan, Rick Anderson and Frankie Joisne pulled the strings. On "Times Marches On 'leave Boston impacts notice again in the guitars while' You're My Love ', the acoustic guitar is plugged in and the band some slower. Strong gerockt is then "Start Your Engines" in which the piano can play a more prominent role. Stylistically goes' You Do not Know A Thing "Connecting to the previous track. With a child's voice, it's apparently a tradition again 't be put The Raz Band the last number in' Why Dogs Fly South "(also listen to the very last seconds of the end, if we are talking about the Beatles ... ). Certainly no deafening valve and here pops up a little the influence of Mark Wirtz (Excerpt From A Teenage Opera) and I am referring not only to the children's voices. The melody might run away themselves from Wirtz full 'Teenage Opera.
"Madison Park" is an excellent new work catch this band. There is more than enough variety in the songs and the whole production was realized by the special contribution of about Joey Molland and Joe Vitale.

"Madison Park 'is a strong release, but we can not ignore to hear some influences of Badfinger, Beatles and even Boston. That's no problem for as long as the end product is not a blueprint or thesis examples. Also I heard strong influences of Keith West (Excerpt Of A Teenage Opera "with Mark Wirtz ash producer) in the last song and That was a good idea. Strongly recommended album ...


The Best of RAZ
CD - £9.99

Madison Park
CD - £9.99

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