Wednesday, 1 May 2013

ASK YES: Chris Squire

Nigel Kenny
How did you get the flanged bass sound on the intro to ‘Survival‘? Until the archive video appeared recently on YouTube, I thought it was Peter Banks’ lead (playing some of the lower strings high up the fret board)! I think this was one of the first times in rock history when the high strings on a bass were used on an intro riff! Ever the pioneer! : )
I honestly can’t remember exactly what effect I was using, but I think it was a Cry Baby Wah-Wah pedal, so it was more of a wah effect than a flange effect.
Miguel Falcão
Dear Chris. You mentioned on interviews about ‘Roundabout‘ bass line being doubled by yourself playing a guitar. It seems to me that you might have applied the same technique previously on ‘All Good People‘. Can you confirm this? Thank you.

No, the bass guitar on ‘All Good People’ was not doubled, as far as I can remember; I think that’s purely just a bass guitar. But you are indeed correct that ‘Roundabout’ was me doubling the bass line with a big Gibson electric guitar that belonged to Steve Howe.
Eric Mansfield
Chris, I noticed on songs like ‘Siberian Khatru‘ you are alternating between 8 & 7 beats. What are you guys doing on ‘Awaken‘ after the vocal intro when you start playing your triple neck bass? I can’t seem to figure out the time signature.

The Awaken first section is, in fact, in 11/4, and it should work out if you count to 11.
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