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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Bob Marley's Redemption Song has become a standard of modern music. It is, amongst the hip cognoscenti, what Wighing Well by 'Free' was to the generation of wannbe guitar heros who were at school with me back in the 1970s. It is a passionate hymn about God and slavery, and there is only one problem with it; most people who attempt to sing it completely screw it up. It is deceptively simple - an easy song to sing, and a difficult one to sing well.

I know that this is the ultimate act of fock and roll apostasy, and I hate to say it, but even Joe Strummer and Johnny Cash made a hash of it. The Chieftains did a great version, but they had Bob Marley's son Ziggy on vocals. The Michael McDonald version was forgettable, as was - surprisingly - Stevie Wonder's. Eternal's version was surprisingly good, and The Selecter did a fantastic version. Manfred Mann's Earthband did a pretty good version, but the version done by their ex-singer Chris Thompson on the new cd/dvd package Berlin Live/Live at the Colos-all is a cracker. Well done dude.

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