Thursday, 5 April 2012


As you may have gathered from my inky fingered scribblings here on the Gonzo Blog, le Grand Fromage de Gonzo himself paid us a visit the other day. I know that it is nothing to do with our twenty five year friendship during which we have been cheerfully rude to each other continuously, but more to do with the fact that he likes my wife's sponge cake!

However when he was down he gave me this picture. "It's me with Chris Thompson, dude" he said (or something to that effect).

"Err" I said (not liking to admit my ignorance in front of a man who will do his best to exploit any character flaws that he may find in me, and not remembering the name of arguably the greatest singer that Manfred Mann's Earth Band ever had is definitely a character flaw.

I tried to make light of it, and gloss over the dreadful lapse in my music history savvy, but Herr Grossen Cheesenmeister saw his advantage and made my life miserable for at least three minutes until the subject moved on, and he started making my life miserable over something else. "Its a great album, man" he said to me (or at least I think thats what he said but his mouth was full of cake at the time and Prudence my soppy old bulldog/boxer bitch was trying to climb up onto his knee). I have to agree, It is a great album, and included with the pacvkage is this insightful interview by my predecessor Jon Kirkman..

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