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Saturday, 7 April 2012


I pinched this off Mimi Page's Facebook page:

Yay!! You can preview "Butterfly" (Track 9) - the song I co-wrote with Bassnectar exclusively on Rolling Stone.com - his new album VaVa Voom is incredible and I'm honored to be a part of it with so many other amazing artists such as Lupe Fiasco , ill.Gates, Tina Malia, Amp Live and Jansten. The album drops THIS TUESDAY 4/10!!! ♥

Album Premiere: Bassnectar's 'Vava Voom' Music News Rolling Stone
Listen to the DJ-producer's new album exclusively here

Then, later in the day she wrote to me:

Bassnectar - actually discovered me through the Shotgun Radio song and approached me asking me to write a song with him for his upcoming album. The song we co-wrote from scratch is track #9 on the album called "Butterfly"

Here's a full pre-release leak on youtube

And an exclusive stream on Rollingstone.com

And for those who haven't heard it, here is Shotgun Radio featuring Mimi Page:

But we mustn't forget that Mimi has a fabbo new album out on Gonzo, and I would be seriously neglecting my duty if I didn't give it a plug here..

You can buy it here or read the blurb below first

Multi-talented, singer/songwriter/composer Mimi Page is excited to announce the release of Breathe Me In the follow up album to the wildly successful self-released EP “A Lullaby For The Lonely.” The CD, which is to be released via Gonzo Multimedia’s new electronica label, Hunter Records, will be distributed in the U.S. through Entertainment One. Page mixes delicate piano strokes and dreamy electronic sounds with her haunting vocals to create a unique blend of the ethereal.

Los Angeles based Mimi Page has been writing music since she was five years old. The pretty, ebullient, piano girl hails from a family of classically trained musicians and has a gift for arranging and writing and also producing. Page’s songs have been widely received by the electronic music community and have charted #1 on Amazon.com and #11 on iTunes for her single "This Fire." Both songs “New” and “Gravity” have charted Top 10 on radio stations Sirius/XM Chill Radio and Soma FM Lush and she has 8 additional songs in airplay on over 20 different stations worldwide. Most incredibly, in the last month, Page has independently sold over 1,500 songs.

While every recording you hear on her EP A Lullaby For The Lonely, including the track, “This Fire,” ~ which went viral and debuted on MTV’s “The Real World” and subsequently placed number 11 on iTunes worldwide for “Best Electronic Single” ~ has been produced and engineered in Page’s own apartment, for her album Breathe Me In, Page turned to veteran producer/engineer Warren Huart (producer of The Fray) and Swing House Recording to further develop her sound. Page comments: “There’s only so much you can do in your own apartment. When my songs hit the airways and I started licensing to film and television, I realized that I needed to take my production elements to the next level. Warren has an incredible track record for producing piano-driven artists such as the Fray and I knew he could take me where I needed to go. He understood my sound.”

“I worked with the Fray, James Blunt, and am about to go work with Aerosmith and I love that like these consummate professionals Mimi is also a proactive artist. I love that she’s self-reliant and always writing new music…what is paramount for me, however is the song, the song is the key…Mimi’s songs are like soundscapes, or emotional statements and that makes it exciting,” says Huart. It should come as no surprise that Page is in demand. She has collaborated and performed with some of the top rising producers of the Electronic Bass Music community including Goldrush, Gladkill, Phrenik, Elfkowitz and ill-Gates. She is slated to be a part of the 2012 Freezing Man Festival. The Agency Group has agreed to book this tour, created by Page’s manager, Michael Gaiman, which will also include cutting edge Sirius XM Ch 53 playlist artists: FOALS, DJ CAM, BANCO DE GAIA, CFCF and others TBA. Though technically considered down-tempo, electronic, dream-pop, Page’s personal taste and range in music is incredibly eclectic—she also covers Joy Division and Chris Isaak—but it is her ethereal voice, melodic orchestral arrangements and thought provoking lyrics that will leave you jonesin’ for more.

“My Vanilla Sky” employs a somewhat droney background with sparse keys, otherworldly atmospherics and orchestral flourishes as Page’s unbelievable vocals guide you through what feels like the most languid dream you’ve ever had.” Brian Palmer ~ Glide Magazine.com

“Throughout the course of this EP’s (Lullaby For The Lonely) six songs: you hang on every word, relish every vocal and let the echoing, otherworldly sounds wrap their arms around you in an embrace you don’t want to be freed from.” ~ StereoSubversion.com

“I drank the MIMI Kool-Aid.”... PAUL KANTNER (Founder ~ Jefferson Airplane)

“An incredible talent!” ... JULIA CUNNINGHAM (Program Director Sirius XM "Chill")

“A goddess of down tempo dream pop!” ... MICHAEL GAIMAN (Creator of “Freezing Man Festival”)

Tracks: 1. My Vanilla Sky , 2. Black Valentine , 3. Colorblind , 4. All I Need , 5. New , 6. Gravity , 7. This Fire , 8. The Starving Artist , 9. Come What May , 10.Phenomenon , 11.Jigsaw , 12.Breathe Me In.

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