Wednesday, 29 August 2012


My fandom for Annie Haslam and her band is enjoying somewhat of a Renaissance (cue drum rolls, and those cymbal noises that crappy seaside comedians always have when they tell a particularly awful joke). On my birthday I received a spectacularly lavish CD/DVD package of the current version of Renaissance live courtesy of Howard from Howling Wuelph. I enjoyed it massively, and was therefore inspired to look around for more Annie Haslam interview thingys for the Gonzo Daily...

Since her induction into the band in 1971, Annie Haslam has been the voice of Renaissance, one of progressive rock’s oldest and best loved classically inspired bands. Her astonishing vocal range and dazzling delivery on top of Renaissance’s memorable songwriting have ensured that she become arguably the foremost female in a male-dominated genre. The band released a string of classic records in the 70s, including Scheherezade and Other Stories and A Song for All Seasons before folding in the 80s. In 2009, the band reunited with a new line-up and have been touring with their old classics ever since. Not jaded after years of being with the band, Annie is more than confident that this new version of Renaissance will go far, starting with a new album next year.

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