Tuesday, 21 August 2012

CHRIS THOMPSON: Dutch review

What is the reason that as a former singer of Manfred Mann's Earth Band albums, an opinion which consists mainly of compositions of that band?Would not it be better to do that as a member of that band? Or do they want you no longer have? Manfred Mann has found a better singer? Chris Thompson was indeed 25 years - until the late 90 - the voice of MMEB and sang on hits like "Blinded by the Light," "Spirits in the Night 'and' Mighty Quinn 'and strong albums like "The Watch" and "The Roaring Silence '. A distinctive, powerful and amazing voice that will surely have contributed to that success. That voice is now some wear. Thompson misses at a later age strength to the vocal quality of yesteryear to get. All that shimmers typical sound of the man's vocal cords in two concerts this course there often through. But less obvious is obvious. Thompson is during these concerts - "Berlin Live 'on 2CD and' The Aschaffenburg Remains' is displayed on DVD - assisted by a band of Norwegian musicians unfamiliar to me. They stand their ground but lack the flair and lived of these progressive rock with a complexion needs. A few decades along the stages, playing with various artists and some alcohol and drugs to help sometimes.It sounds good and it turns neatly inside the lines.

Nevertheless there is in these performances from 2011 enough to enjoy.An important part of the famous MMEB oeuvre comes along and these compositions are still as a house, the dedication is commendable and the audience enthusiastic. A big name like Thompson can indeed long continue to support. I always was curious if the illustrious Manfred Mann hears this and what he thinks of it? The DVD recording is okay, gives a good picture of what is in various places on stage and the sound is reasonably good.There are also recordings added by fans who are less quality of course but their charm and the concert from the perspective of the public show. I have entertained me with the DVD, though it is an example of one look and then probably never again. As so often with image recordings of concerts.Thompson also requires a living will and I think emotionally difficult to detach from the music scene. However, these expenses add little or nothing to what is already there. And that which is already MMEB material, is of a much higher quality and is therefore also preferred. I think that secretly takes Manfred Mann ... Harry 'JoJo' de Vries (08-2012)

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