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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So let's not talk of love and flowers And things that don't explode We've used up all of our magic powers Trying to do it in the road

OK, I admit it. I have a problem. My name is Jon and it has been, ummmmmmmmm four days since my last purchase of a bit of collectable tat. I am a collector of things, and furthermore I am always interested in looking at other peoples' collections of tat. So, for the second time in the past few weeks, here is an interesting slice of Hawkwind collectablilia...

"Urban Guerrilla" by Hawkwind was released on 27th July 1973 and reached number 39 in the UK charts. It would quite probably have reached a higher position, as the single was selling very well, but the single was withdrawn after only 3 weeks.


Well, the opening lyrics of "Urban Guerrilla" are 'I'm an urban guerrilla, i make bombs in my cellar" and Hawkwind had the misfortune to release the single just as the IRA started a bombing campaign in London. The lyrics and subject matter were felt to be in bad taste and the BBC refused to play the song o

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