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RICK WAKEMAN: King Arthur, June 2013

Rick WakemanRick Wakeman said the orchestral score for the rock opera had gone missing in the 1970s

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Progressive rock musician Rick Wakeman is to perform his rock opera The Myths and Legends of King Arthur for the first time in more than 35 years.

The former Yes keyboard player's show will be performed at Gloucester's Kingsholm Stadium as part of the Medieval Mystery Play Festival in 2013.

The rock opera was last performed in the UK at the Empire Pool, now called Wembley Arena, in London in 1975.

Mr Wakeman said he was "really looking forward to playing it" next June.

He said the orchestral score had gone missing after it was performed in London - on ice - and shortly afterwards in South America.

'Incredibly special'

"When we went to get the cases with the music in back in the late 70s, because we were meant to be doing it in America, the cases were empty.

"That was it, the music was gone.

"We've been extending the whole thing, re-orchestrating it, keeping the original orchestrations and adding loads more stuff to it.

"When we come [to perform it] next year it will be something incredibly special, a real one off.

"It also gives us a chance to change one or two of the little bits that I was never 100 per cent happy with.

"I'm really looking forward to playing it again."

Mr Wakeman said fans of his music have been asking "for years" when King Arthur would be performed again.

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