Friday, 17 August 2012


First of all dear readers, this brief history and to get into the best possible conditions to absorb a new box stuffed to the brim of rock music  ! For this case will contain a total of two CD "Live" as well as a DVD also from a stage performance. Chris Thompson for many years was the vocalist and, incidentally, the second guitarist of the legendary Manfred Mann . In reality, it is current at a reunion of the 70 that Chris will incorporate a first group to work from 1975 to 1987. At that time, the group, who had started his career in 1962, was renamed Manfred Mann's Earth Band . Subsequently, our singer again reinstate the adventure of 1992 to early 2000. He still occasionally work with other group members, to serve his own solo career with nearly a dozen albums and, finally, work with many great artists such as Elton John, Steve Hackett, Gary Moore or Mike Oldfield. Suffice to say that this gentleman has a bottle and a sacred experience behind him  !

Therefore, we enter into the heart of the matter, if you wish, from the beginning with the first slice of a very good technical level and, above all, excellent grip that its performance in public. As described in the document that accompanies this package, this package is a mixture of a concert for Radio Berlin and transmitted as such in its entirety in order to satisfy the fans. Originally developed to shows from the 17th and January 18th, 2011 at Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg Radio Berlin, the two wafers sonic include not less than 20 songs among which we find the great classics of Manfred Mann, but also several major " classic-rock "within the meaning of the word  ! All this is beautifully interpreted for its "Live" which will not suffer any weakness. Note a good public presence and a great presence in our frontman.Chris Thompson is undoubtedly a very great singer, but also an excellent guitarist.For the rest of the lineup, we épinglera delivery Mads Eriksen on the guitar, Gunnar Bjelland on keyboards, Frank Hovland on bass, and of gentlemen Steinar Krokstad Zsolt Meszaros for drums and percussion, and finally the presence of Dirk Naessens who held the violin. In this superb concert, we will cheerfully of classic-rock to progressive rock with several trips to the blues and jazz. Rebelote with the DVD which will include seven compositions plus 4 bonus and the interview of each musician. Here, the image will partner with her ​​for us to travel in the rock world.The public course will provide a large attendance at the event with several passages in the final form of jam sessions and, again, a major technical level. Do not forget the great heat that will emerge on stage  ! What about this set that is truly a feast for all lovers of good rock, but also to a wider audience, because here the subject is of great artistic and musical. Only one thing to do, empty your pockets and buy funds it without regret  !

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