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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hawkwind's Dave Brock at Sidmouth Folk Week

Graham writes....

I've never been much of a fan of Sidmouth Folk Week (Formerly Sidmouth Folk Festival) but when I heard that Dave Brock and Huw Lloyd-Langton were playing there, I was quite keen on going to check it out.

On the day of the event I went out to my car - and found it wouldn't start!

Unable to drive there, and not having enough time to get there by public transport, I abandoned my plans and just hoped that footage would appear on Youtube.

Well, happily it has. "Hurry on Sundown" is here -

and what I think is the whole set (or most of it) - including "Hurry on Sundown" - is here:

The seagulls will remind some Hawkwind fans of "The Demented Man" from the "Warrior" album! I think the set is pretty good, although I still prefer my Hawkwind to be amplified. Preferably over-amplified, even.

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