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Friday, 17 August 2012

LINK: Singer happy to be a (new) Yes man

YesBecoming the new lead singer in the pioneering English progressive-rock band Yes is a daunting task for any musician.

The group, which next year celebrates its 45th anniversary, has recorded more than two dozen albums since its self-titled 1968 debut. Along the way, it has crafted some of the most intricate and technically challenging songs in rock history.

Having a high vocal range and pinpoint dynamic control, like original Yes singer Jon Anderson, is mandatory. So is the ability to memorize and convincingly perform such unconventional lyrics as: Along the edge of this airfield / The old prop-shaft airliners stand / Altimeters reading zero / Formless memories lingering (from last year’s “Fly From Here”); and: In and around the lake / Mountains come out of the sky / And they stand there / One mile over (from 1971’s “Roundabout,” the second U.S. Top 40 hit of Yes' career).

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