Monday, 1 October 2012

Cristiano Roversi - AntiQua

Issue # 11, October 1, 2012
For immediate release
GR032 / GLR109CD
1) Morning in AntiQua 5.20
2) Tales From Solitude Suite 13.39
I) A Silent Rite
II) Tales from Solitude
III) Crave some Loneliness
IV) East or West?
3) L’amore 3.41
4) Nessie Revealed 3.34
5) Falling 9.17
I) Falling
II) Celestial Slowfall
6) Dimlit Tavern 5.18
7) Nirayed’s Secret Diary 3.13
8) AntiQua 5.46
9) AntiQua’s Evening 1.27
Cristiano Roversi:
12-String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar on track 4,
Grand Piano, Various Synthesizers, Taurus Bass Pedals
Polymoog, Mellotron, Hammond Organ L100,
Drum Machine Roland CR-78, Samples & Cinematic Efx.
Aldo Tagliapietra: Vocals, Lyrics & Acoustic Guitars on “L’amore”
Bernardo Lanzetti:Vocals, Lyrics & Concept on “Tales from Solitude”
David Cremoni: Electric Guitar on “Crave some Loneliness”
Erik Montanari: Acoustic Guitars on “Crave some Loneliness” and “L’amore”
Fabio Serra: Electric Guitar on “Morning in AntiQua”, “East or West?”, “Celestial Slowfall” & “AntiQua”
Gigi Cavalli Cocchi: Drums on “AntiQua”
James Larcombe : Hurdy-Gurdy on “Dimlit Tavern”
Leonora: Vocals, & Lyrics on “Falling”
Mirko Tagliasacchi: Fretless Bass on “AntiQua”
All Titles Composed By Cristiano Roversi
Except “Tales from Solitude” (Lanzetti, Roversi), “L’amore” (Tagliapietra, Roversi)
“Falling” (Cardellini, Roversi)

Artwork & Visions By Ed Unitsky
Booklet By Ed Unitsky
CR Logo by Gigi Cavalli Cocchi
In preparation:
THE GREEN VIOLINIST - More Thrill & Never ending Blessings
"Green Violinist's debut might have much of an outsider, it's still one to be salvaged. And dropping akin artists might not be helpful to introduce it, as talking together of Pink Floyd, Anathema, Archive, Nick Drake , Peter Gabriel & Porcupine Tree would likely have you wondering what kind of hellish purgatory you have stepped into. Still, you would not be far from the truth, as the band's disguise is the one of a dark universe, all the while tortured and poetic, deeply inspired by hurting relationships and painful encounters… a sonic landscape scarred by communication breakdown, cold human connections, feeding a pagan relationship to religion, and lost in schizophrenia. Out of this the belgian troubadours has crafted a strong album, lapidary and romantic."
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