Monday, 1 October 2012

LINK: Erik Norlander reviews

Erik Norlander

The Galactic Collective Definitive Edition DVD

Review by G. W. Hill

This set is quite cool. First off, let’s just say if you are a fan of the keyboard dominated progressive rock of guys like Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman and haven’t heard Erik Norlander, wait no longer. Get out and buy this thing – now. This set features music Norlander recorded under various headings over the years including his solo work, albums of his wife Lana Lane and his band Rocket Scientists. He re-envisions the songs and breathes new life into them. The result is stunning, to say the least. The set here is a DVD showcasing the studio performances that created the album along with Norlander giving some explanation into what goes into each piece, along with two CDs, the first the audio of the songs presented on the DVD and the second features reinterpretations of other Norlander staples. All in all, this comes highly recommended.

The Galactic Collective: Live in Gettysburg DVD
Review by G. W. Hill
What can you say about Erik Norlander? The guy produces quality products, plain and simple. This live DVD is just such a thing. If you like progressive rock that is fairly mainstream, yet still meaty and creative (and really since a lot of this is instrumental, how mainstream can it be?) then this is for you. It would be a great introduction to the work of this awesome artist. The sound is great, the video is great and it’s a pretty perfect product. Norlander is joined on this one by Mark Matthews (bass), Nick LePar (drums), Freddy DeMarco (guitar), his wife Lana Lane (vocals) and Debrissa McKinney (vocals). It includes not only the DVD, but also a double CD set of the audio from the show. Frankly, I think every DVD should come that way.

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