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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


As many of you will know, we at Gonzo are publishing some of Dan Wooding’s books. We have already brought out Caped Crusader – Rick Wakeman in the 1970s and Terry Dene: Britain’s First Rock and Roll Rebel, and we will soon be publishing, King Squealer, which Dan co-authored with Maurice O’Mahoney, who was one of the famous, or infamous, super-grasses of the 1970s. That one carries a foreword by Rick Wakeman who got to know O’Mahoney very well. Dan now lives in Lake Forest, California, which is a city just outside of Los Angeles and recently his local paper, The Orange County Register, came to his home to write up a front-page feature about his extraordinary life which has seen him work for some of Fleet Street’s tabloids – The Sunday People and The Sunday People, as well as now being an undercover reporter in many of the world’s hotspots highlighting the plight of persecuted Christians. He also has a radio and TV show in the Los Angeles area. The paper’s photographer took some 90 photos while visiting Dan’s home, and I thought you would like to see this one of him with some of his many books, including some of ours.

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