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Thursday, 9 August 2012

RICK WAKEMAN: Grumpy Old Rick's Ramblings (August)

Once again this GORR is a little late in posting and that’s once again because we were waiting on all sorts of news that we felt was worth waiting for.

............and so, starting with Journey to the Centre of the Earth, it is now well into production. The musical template for the new 52 minute version is complete and the orchestrations are being done as I write the GORR and will be completed by the end of the month. The band is booked in the studio for three weeks time as indeed are the orchestra and choir for September, so every green light is shining.

I’m really happy the way the new additional music slots in amongst the original, (and not a note of the orchestration will be changed in the original either), and the two new songs seem to match those original ones very well and the whole thing is seamless. Mind you it took more than a year to get it like that!

The album will be completed by the end of September and details of the release will be in next month’s GORR.

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