Monday, 27 January 2014

Belgian review of Gary Windo

Gonzo Multimedia continued exhumation of several albums of artists now far in history but whose work on the fringes of rock and jazz deserves to be considered. After Brand X, here Gary Windo , a British jazz saxophonist born but has made some inroads into the rock. And listening to his works quickly demonstrates that this gentleman was somehow the Jimi Hendrix of the saxophone. Where you can not see it soon in concert looking, he died there 22 years. Born in Brighton in 1941, Gary Windo key very young music. He specializes in the tenor saxophone at the age of 17 years. It lies a few years in the United States but returned to England in the late 60s. There, he formed his own group, the Gary Windo Quartet , which is soon to accompany various artists studio. Thus Gary Windo working with groups and musicians such as Brotherhood Of Breath (a jazz band), Centipede (English progressive jazz led by the brilliant pianist Keith Tippett), Matching Mole , The Running Man (prog rock groups ), Carla Bley andNick Mason (Pink Floyd drummer).

We also find Gary Windo on albums ofPsychedelic Furs , NRBQ (immovable rock band and American blues founded in 1967) and Robert Wyatt . This shows that Gary Windo was comfortable in all areas of jazz and rock that either training or big band in English progressive rockers. His inimitable technique has made him a musician capable of evolving both saxophone soprano clarinet, alto saxophone or tenor. The complexity and power of the tones he was able to develop it makes him one of the greatest saxophonists of his time. The paradox is that the blower outstanding was severely asthmatic, which was also won in 1992. Gary Windo also had the opportunity to commit a few solo albums. "Dogface" is the first of them, it in 1982 and allows you to hear Gary Windo in combination with other formations, such as K9's or NRBQ , as well as his wife Pam Windo.

The least we can say is that this disc is rather surprising, divagant between progressive rock ( "Puppy kisses" ), bit cheesy ("Feela dog" ), jazz boogie ( "Guard duty" ), psychedelic tribal delirium ( " Rex and Spot meet the international bitches " ), moods band dézinguée juniper ( "Hound" ), noisy experiments ( "Dogface" ), total punk rock ( "The husky" ), instrumental cover of "Do not be cruel" , copper rumba ( "Baxter" ), rock 'n' roll pure juice ( "That's all" ) or revisits Coltrane blows a gun ( "Lassie breaks out" .) Each piece has its special atmosphere and shows a Gary Windo always explosive, full of drive and sure of his case. His sax sounds crazy in his mouth authority on the reed travel here truly admirable. And say that we had forgotten the boy! With this reissue of "Dogface" , justice is done.

Steam Radio Tapes
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Dog Face
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Deep Water
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