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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Brand X US review

Brand X Missing Period Gonzo 2014
One of only a handful of truly "lost" recordings that deserved to be found!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

Progressive rock, jazz rock or as I believe Phil Collins once referred to the band, "ripping good fun" these tapes are of good quality and are a significant find for Brand X fans and musical historians. Some refer to this release as the officially sanctioned bootleg and while technically they may be correct, the wrong impression is clearly given with such a innocuous statement. 

These live tapes are from the mid 1970's and are a sonic goldmine of previously unreleased material. While there are only six tunes, the length of the songs are far greater than the mere number included. All selections are over seven minutes in length and come together in their own fashion to highlight a most unique sonic exploratory of lyrical vision thanks to Percy Jones and John Goodsall. 

Fans and critics alike continue to argue the relevant place of importance in the lexicon of where original jazz / rock fusion should be considered. This is the harmonic equivalent of evaluating the smile or perhaps lack of (depending on your p.o.v) on the Mona Lisa. Perhaps we should differ to the drummer and call it what it is, "ripping good fun!" 

4.5 Stars

Tracks: Dead Pretty; Kegelblitz; Ancient Mysteries; Why Won't You Lend Me Yours? Miserable Virgin; Tito's Leg. 

Personnel: Phil Collins: Drums; John Goodsall: Guitar; Preston Heyman: Percussion; Percy Jones: Bass; Robin Lumley: Keyboards.


The X Files - A 20 Year Retrospective
2CD - £11.99

Is There Anything About?
CD - £9.99

Live at the Roxy, LA 1979
CD - £9.99

Missing Period
CD - £9.99

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