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Gary Windo review


GARY WINDO Steam Radio Tapes / Dogface / Deep WaterGARY WINDO
Steam Radio Tapes / Dogface / Deep Water
Gonzo Multimedia

Meanwhile, the label have also rounded up three albums from the Canterbury Zelig like man that is Gary Windo, the renowned tenor saxophonist.
At the peak of the Canterbury scene creativity, Windo was always there or there abouts whether playing in Robert Wyatts jazz band, or on Hugh Hoppers solo album. As a man who knew everyone, he was able to pull in the likes of Nick Mason from Pink Floyd as well as Julie Tippetts and the aforementioned Hopper and Wyatt when he decided to do his own thing.
That is “Steam Radio Tapes”, and it’s a real treat for anyone looking for some “new” old music. By the late seventies he was in America, as a touring member of NRBQ, as well as gigging with the likes of Todd Rundgren. 1982 saw the arrival of “Dogface” but, sadly, it’s a record lacking in identity.
The late eighties saw him performing with his own band, which featured well known session guitarist Knox Chandler. Even though his improvisational approach to music was well to the fore, with his sax and off kilter vocals keeping him well off the beaten track.
A man who lived for music, and who died too soon. Hear him at his best on “Steam Radio Tapes”.
Steam Radio Tapes
CD - £9.99
Dog Face
CD - £9.99
Deep Water
CD - £9.99

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