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Brand X Is There Anything US review

Brand X Is There Anything About? Gonzo
Is There Anything About? set the standard for what a band does when they owe their label one more record...and have the same record argued about for over thirty years! 
Brent Black /

Brand X owed their label one more release...What to do...What to do...

When in doubt a release or rarities, "b-sides" and a plethora of previously unreleased fodder should keep both fans and critics happy. The ironic thing is that the jazz / rock influence Brand X managed to irk both fans and critics right down the middle and have both still discussing this rather innocuous release over thirty years later. 

To be brief, Brand X was the Rosemary Woods of studio recordings as there was literally no excess tape left past four rather interesting if not eclectic tracks that would by today's standard constitute an E.P. and in all likelihood have an attorney standing by on speed dial. Thanks to some crafty editing Is There Anything About? magically morphed or squeaked by into a six song release that has both fans and critics alike still arguing the artistic validity of this release today. 

Is There Anything About? is filled with some gems to be sure and from purely a historical look at this most influential of progressive rock bands there is legitimate claim that this could actually be some of their best work in their all too short career. While this is a band that never got in it's own way or took itself too seriously, Brand X still maintains an important place in that all too over looked genre of jazz / rock fusion...Oh, and Phil Collins plays drums... 

4 Stars

Tracks: Ipanemia; A Longer April; Modern, noisy And Effective; Swan Song; Is There Anything About?; Tmiu-Atga

Personnel" Phil Collins: Drums and Concussion (no it is not a typo); Percy Jones: Bass; John Giblin: Bass, Whitbread, a Vocal; Robin Lumley: Keyboards and Vocal; Peter Robinson: Keyboards; John Goodsall: Guitar; Raf Ravenscroft: Saxophone; Steven Short: Syndrums and Vocal; Nora W. Deensman Eamonn Andrews: Anagrams.

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