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BRAND X & PERCY JONES: Dutch reviews

Brand X Releases Four or Rare CDs 

Brand X was seen as the toy drummer Phil Collins. Logically his fame through Genesis.Toch the contributions of guitarist John Goodsall, bassist Percy Jones, and to a lesser extent in some of keyboardist Robin Lumley compositional greater in number than those of Collins. That he is an outlet in the prog fusion of Brand X took off his busy work with Genesis is certain.Retroactive Brand X, does not in music but in terms of career, to be between Genesis and his later solo work. Transition Although I had hoped for a reissue of the studio albums, because they still have to do with a slightly shabby, first generation CD Release, Gonzo Multimedia chose to make some now to market. Rare editions of Brand X (again) Plus a reissue of a solo album by Percy Jones. 

Brand X - Missing Period (1997 / '13) 

Label: Gonzo Multimedia 
Band Site: - 
Running Time: 50:40 
Reviewer: Harry 'JoJo' de Vries 
(out of 5 Jojo's) 

relatives gave Goodsall ever one box that was found in the attic. It appeared alongside all sorts of memorabilia also lost tapes to sit out the start of the band made in 1975 and 1976, prior to the strong debut 'Unorthodox Behaviour. Goodsall and Jones both concluded that quality, both technical and production-was so good that an issue was obvious. And indeed it is fine what we hear and additionally illustrates well how the songs came about and evolved into the tracks that eventually ended up on the studio albums. Complemented by Preston Heyman (percussion), we listen to the original version of "Born Ugly ', here called "Pretty Dead", the debut later. And forms "Miserable Virgin" the forerunner of 'Malaga Virgin ", found on" Moroccan Roll "from 1977. In addition to three other tracks also the 'first' take on 'Why Will not You Lend Me Yours? " of 'Morrocan Roll' and take that to me is great. The strong theme is wonderfully drawn out and is just as good as the final composition. Here , not only in the context of a complete history of the band, but also heard the quality of what is offered is "Missing Period 'definitely a worthwhile expense. 


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