Wednesday, 22 January 2014

BRAND X Live At Roxy: Belgium review (translated)

Brand X : Live at the Roxy LA 

This is a live recording of Brand X recorded at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on September 23, 1979 . 

The band consisted of Phil Collins (drums ) , Percy Jones ( bass ) , John Goodsall ( guitar) and Robin Lumley ( Keys , who also wrote the liner notes ) and Pete Robinson ( extra keys ) . We get only six songs ( but they are long ... ) to hear , namely " Disco Suicide ", " Dance of the Illegal Aliens ," " Do not Make Waves ", " Malaga Virgin ," " ... And So To F "and" Nuclear Burn " . 

What immediately struck me about this live recording was the poor sound. With some songs , and especially in the hard and loud sections thereof , the mix sounded terribly bad and this especially in the mixing of the keyboards and bass lines . 

It is therefore difficult to give this cd. Correct assessment It was the way to a band at its peak and you will therefore expect a qualitative sound band, but it is different just turned around . You would think that this is an illegal bootleg version . We've had better live recordings , and who were much older than this , and heard that sounded a lot better . 

Alfons Maes ( 3 )


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