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Brand X: Belgium review (translated)

BRAND X - Missing period/Published on 19-01-2014 /

Gonzo Multimedia label has recently published a handful of albums Brand X . The name of Brand X does not really over now and here is a great opportunity to talk about this active group in the English jazz fusion in the late 70s. Talk of Brand X is also an opportunity to remember that he hosted for many years an English rock luminaries, Phil Collins himself. drummer Genesis and solo artist well known actually worked for Brand X , more as a singer and drummer listen to a few albums recently reissued Brand X shows that those who do not support pop artist engrangeur million of what became Collins must nevertheless recognize his immense talents of drummer. 

And with the likes of drummer Phil Collins, together with other excellent technicians like John Goodsall (guitar) and especially Percy Jones (bass), we can say that Brand X is to rank in the top of the basket of major progressive groups Seventies and jazz fusion. Brand X starts in 1975 as a group improvisation and is signed to Island Records. It is said that the hunter talents Island, Danny Wilding had marked an X calendar studio to report the arrival of the group, which took its name from this brand (brand in English) on the calendar. At this time, Brand X thus includes John Goodsall, Percy Jones, Phil Collins and also keyboardist Robin Lumley , cousin of actress Joanna Lumley (known for her role in the new version of "Avengers leather" in 1977 and its role fifties bobo and alcohol in funky series "Ab fab" in 1996.) The group will undergo various changes in personnel but will always be managed by John Goodsall pair and Percy Jones. 

In a very funky jazz and sometimes progressive record, it performs the albums"Unorthodox behavior" (1976), "Moroccan Roll" (1977) "Livestock" (1977), "Masks"(1978), "Product" (1979) , "Do They Hurt?" (1980) and "Is there anything about?"(1982). This is the classical period of the group, which enjoys a moment of separation before reforming in 1992 around Goodsall, Jones and drummer Frank Katz, for new albums "Xcommunication" (1992) and "Manifest Destiny" (1997) .album here now "Missing period" comes from the first bands of 1975 and forgotten in a drawer. All these new songs are now available restored version and it is a real treat for lovers of jazz fusion Stanley Clarke or Nucleus. Percy Jones bass is remarkable, we are dealing with a phenomenon of nature. Guitarist John Goodsall descends the handle at ultrasonic speeds and Phil Collins is just incredible."Missing period" shows that from its earliest moments, Brand X was already fully developed and operational, it will prove later on his official albums .

François Becquart
Country: GB 
Gonzo Multimedia


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