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PERCY JONES: Belgium review (translated)

JONES, Percy - Cape disaster/ Published on 22-01-2014 / 

To those seeking to establish the ideal list of great bass players in rock history, there has to suggest names  : Jack Bruce, Noel Redding, John Entwistle, Phil Lynott, Tim Bogert, Felix Pappalardi, Jah Wobble, Flea, Robert Trujillo, John Paul Jones, Les Claypool, Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke and I forget. Yes, I forgot an especially  : a Percy Jones , who was bassist Brand X and it is absolutely necessary to discover or rediscover. Because when it comes to original and amazing game, the individual arises Engineering forgotten. Percy Jones was born in 1947 in Wales. Found its mark for the first time on the British music scene with The Liverpool Scene , a group that comes to music the writings of English poet Adrian Henri. Five albums are being born between 1967 and 1971. Later, Percy Jones based Brand X with John Goodsall. Its amazing bass playing, developed on instruments without cargo (smooth run so) will bring an undeniable added value to the albums "Unorthodox behavior" (1976), "Moroccan Roll" (1977) or "Masks" (1978) . This band split in 1980 but Percy Jones and John Goodsall the back momentarily between 1992 and 1997. Percy Jones is also a studio musician and has participated in albums of David Sylvian, Brian Eno, Steve Hackett, Suzanne Vega and Richard Barbieri. Today, he founded his own group Tunnels and lives in New York. In 1989, Percy Jones performs a solo album called "Cape catastrophe" . He performs alone with his bass, drum machine, sequencer, a four-track magneto and a Casio CZ-101 synthesizer (one of the cheapest on the market). A weirdo named Bert Gerecht, who recently set up his small label Hot wire falls off before the incredible result of the work of Percy Jones and immediately decided to remove the disc. album consists of eight songs that display a total 63 minutes. There are some mountains on this album, including a "Cape catastrophe" for more than ten minutes and an even more huge "Barrio" , which runs experiments bass and electronics over 23 minutes. We remain in awe impressive dexterity Percy Jones, whose fingers run on the handle as fast as a hare on speed. Man shows its know-how on"Cape catastrophe" , which has nothing to a disaster, but not allowed to listen so easy. We are not in front of a small album of minimalist pop cut for playgrounds.Take the helmet and flashlight and get to the bottom of the mine to explore deep all the gems lining the walls of this album elegant, precise, complex and technical.But moving worth and spring away with the satisfaction of hearing a great exercise, even if sometimes it does not leave easily approached. Republication made ​​by Gonzo Multimedia allows you to discover or rediscover this work, that can be closer albums Brand X that label also released recently.

françois Becquart


CD - £9.99

Cape Catastrophe
CD - £9.99

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