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Monday, 20 January 2014

JOEY MOLLAND: French review (translated)

File:Joey Molland.jpgWe can not say that Badfinger has experienced an exemplary way. Strongly linked to the career of the Beatles, the band will release new albums on a career filled with separation, dissolution and suicide of some of its key members. Joey Molland , founding member and guitarist singer present at the reunion of 1986 (for only four years), will therefore maintain a discreet musical activity on our continent by publishing four solo albums over twenty years. After twelve years of radio silence, the performer of the famous 'Baby Blue' offers us a "Return to Memphis" while nostalgia. Formula course remains similar even if the slide Joey and guitar jams are now relegated to subscribers absent. It appears from the atmosphere "on Elvis" to quote the master, a Pop / Rock tinged quiet Folk and Blues (voice hoarse and tired Joey has a lot). The music of Joey Molland reminds us of a recent time Mark Knopfler in its most nostalgic melodies ('Walk Out In The Rain', 'Still I Love You'), or its light casual partner George Harrison (guitar on 'Only When It Rains' or 'Yesterday' marred by his sad keyboards typed panpipes bontempi). 

Produced by Carl Wise Royal Studios in Memphis, full of guitar but especially organ and piano old and releasing strong acoustic overtones, this "Return to Memphis" is unfortunately rather bland and sad. Little melodies really hang and quite depressive tone Joey does not facilitate the task (it is often at the limit of the wrong note when it grows a little voice). Only texts, quite autobiographical, will vibrate the most English of you.More playful as 'Build A Ship To Mars' times (in short but brilliant solo), the easy Rock n'Roll by excellence 'Got A Feeling' or 'All I Need Is Love' charming female choirs to come nicely obsolete dusting the atmosphere without being memorable for all. The album, winded and monochrome not to say monotonous drags the leg so that one despairs of being arrived at the beach 7. The finest musical moments of the man seem unfortunately definitely behind him. More information about http://www.badfingersite.com/


This Way Up
CD - £9.99

Return To Memphis
SCD - £9.99

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