Sunday, 12 August 2012

JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH: EEE (Emergency Edinburgh Edict)

Don't worry folks - it's not really an emergency. It's just I couldn't think of another word that begins with 'E', and I needed three, you see, to make it 'EEE'. But oo, I'm not sure it has the desired effect. It seems like someone's in severe pain - so maybe it is an emergency!

A couple of things I wanted to draw your attention to in this newsletter: my client, John Shuttleworth gave a sterling performance on the wireless yesterday, on Radcliffe and Maconie's afternoon show on 6 Music. If you missed it - and it's quite possible as it's a minority station; you know, the Nation are tuned in to Steve Wright, aren't they, enjoying his madcap banter and genuinely being educated by his amazing factoids - anyway, you can listen again by clicking on this link.

John's bit begins at 1 hour 36 minutes into the programme, and you get to hear an (a cappella version) sneak preview of his brand new song "Whatever Happened to Vince Hill?" He should have asked me - I know these things. Last I heard Vince was off to play golf with Johnny Nash and Duncan "Chase me!" Norvelle. (Putt one in for me, lads!) Oh what times we had at Filey in '72.

I believe John will be performing the song and a few others, old and new, at the Edinburgh festival from this Monday, August 13th till the following Monday. I'm not going to tell you the date. You should be able to work it out, it's a simple addition. Is it, Ken, I hear you cry? Yes it is. Oo come on, what's 13 add 7? Can't you do it? Oo, no I can't either. Hang on, I'll just consult me diary. It's till the 20th, yes. To find out more, please click on this link.

Finally, I've been having a sort out of my desk, and I came across a letter from a Phil Palmer of Hillingdon, Middlesex asking for a signed photo of John. Unfortunately, it's dated May 21st, 2003. Over 9 years ago! Oo, I'm ever so sorry, Phil. Don't know what happened there. Well, I do. His letter got trapped in the hinge of me writing bureau so every time I lifted the lid, it got lifted too out of my field of vision. Quite amusing really, unless your name's Phil Palmer. Just to let you know, Phil, I've passed it on to John, and he'll be in touch very soon. Well, in due course. You know, don't hold your breath.

That's it - I'm off to watch the athletic ladies - I mean, the Ladies' Athletics!

Have a lovely Summer, and catch you soon!

Ken (Worthington) X

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